· YouTube is the largest video hosting site in the world in terms of the number of visitors, the number of videos and other parameters. YouTube also provides an opportunity to develop and become a popular blogger. Any person and fan of YouTube can start shooting a video and put it on your channel, and then you can earn from advertising. You can buy YouTube watch hours by the link  buy youtube hours watched

But it’s necessary to start only because of interest to this activity, but not because of money. What would the channel began to develop, you need to «start», to show real users that your video is interesting and watched. To do this, you need to resort to the accrual of subscribers in YouTube. Why do I need views? Many users need information on increasing views and subscribers on YouTube. Creating a popular, viral video is a great solution for further earnings, and not a small one. It is good if the channel owner has a lot of friends and acquaintances who will provide him with the starting views, but there are not so many friends. That’s why our service will help you get the required number of views. What is important to gain the maximum number of views: Promotion of the channel through social networks (VK. Odnoklassniki, FB and others); PR of your channel and videos on it on the sites on this topic, forums; You need to study the information about what algorithms YouTube uses; You should also take into consideration the fact that promotion of YouTube channels and videos is an important part of this work; Take into account the relevance of the topic and monitor the top videos on the site.

· Is it possible to make money on views? Advertising material on YouTube can potentially be a very good source of income, if the channel is successfully promoted. Money is earned by watching ads that are running before and during the video. If your channel is popular enough, you can sign an agreement with an advertiser. You will receive money for each user who viewed the commercial to the end, and in some cases, for clicking on the link. On average, about 1-2% of the audience perform the necessary actions. Thus, to receive a good income, expand your base of subscribers. Having collected more than 10-15 thousand subscribers, you will have an opportunity to promote brands of companies or their services. For this purpose it will be enough to say a couple of words during your video, maybe wear a T-shirt with your logo or perform any other actions agreed with the customer beforehand. Such advertising allows you to earn much more money. Moreover, YouTube will not have the opportunity to take a percentage of the profits for themselves.